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The Call of the Unicorn

by Kathy Quigley, SC

The title track of this album is unique and reflects a biblical passage in the Old Testament as well as a melody I heard in a dream!  The sound of the horn that I experienced while asleep awakened me. I immediately went to my keyboard and wrote down the melody!  The song, "The Call of the Unicorn," is an instrumental piece and has four short movements(The Call, The Chase, The Embrace and The Song).

Other songs on this album are favorites of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth of NJ. I am a member of this community of women who have been very supportive of the music that I have written. They especially like, "Lift Up Your Spirit," "A Loving God Surrounds us," and "How Blest We Are".  My brother, Joe Quigley, who is responsible for getting my music onto cdbaby and creating my  website likes "I take Delight in You" as a favorite!


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