Post #2

Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful day in my part of the world although the weather people are shouting about possible thunderstorms. Enjoy the moment!

I received a facebook message today from a friend of a friend. She had heard about this website and at that moment she was listening to one of my tunes ! That was very cool and sometimes referred to as synchronicity! The last time I saw her had to have been at least 15 years ago or more when she came as a college volunteer to Amory, Mississippi to provide community service with the rural poor. That is where I ministered as well.

So I invite you to listen to various styles that you will find here and enjoy the moment. Most of the music people listen to that is available on radio or online follows a different path than Contemporary Christian. It is fun and catchy and fills an important niche.

The music you will find on this website provides a different niche that might strengthen your inner spirit. One song that you may enjoy is "Gather Us In" or "God is Love". You can listen to these and more on the "My Music" page. You can purchase an individual song or the CD. Enjoy!       Kathy