Music is a common denominator among people worldwide. It has the ability to express our emotions in good times and bad and seems to unite people through lyrics and sound.

     My name is Kathy Quigley.  I am a Sister of Charity of NJ, a Catholic nun, and I have been singing, writing, and producing CDs for much of my life. I am a musician and a composer.  Studying classical music and learning guitar led to singing and playing music in church and then writing Christian music.

     My career began as a teacher, and teaching has been a primary role to this day.  My life has revolved around teaching in high school and college and in serving the needs of the poor.

     I had a profound opportunity to serve in a mission church in Amory, Mississippi, St. Helen Catholic Church.  It began when I volunteered at a summer camp program run by the Church.  Sister Marie Gilligan invited me to come for three weeks and help out at that camp.  I subsequently stayed in Mississippi for 19 years and worked along with Marie to serve the parish and provide outreach services for the poor.  Helping with Girl Scouts, assisting poor families to enroll children in Headstart, working with town leaders to build a food pantry were just a few of our endeavors.   In 1999, due to a shortage of priests, Marie was called to be the resident Pastoral Minister of St. Helen Church.  We moved into the parish house and as the church grew she led us in building a new and larger church!

Kathy with Sister Marie(far right) and several  choir members in Amory, MS.

Kathy with Sister Marie(far right) and several  choir members in Amory, MS.

     While ministering at St. Helen, I was invited to sing with the music ministers.  Eventually they became the choir for the first seven of my albums.  We also invited vocalists to join us from the Methodist Church.  The arranger for all the music was a member of the Assembly of God Church.  So we were a very ecumenical group!

        The inspiration for the music that I have written has come in many ways but always from the depths of my soul. Music would come in church, in a dream, while driving on a highway, by a word or phrase someone spoke, from the poor in spirit, folks to whom I was introduced that had so little and were so generous of heart.  The purpose of this website is to share this music to all.  The music on these eight CDs is inspiring and inspired. It is biblically based and comes in many different styles. I invite you to listen and enjoy! 

My academic profile includes:

BS in Biology at the College of St. Elizabeth in NJ

MS in Biology at St. Mary College, Winona, MN

National Science Foundation grant for Marine Biology, Suffolk University, Boston, MA

Master’s degree in Social Ministry, Vermont College of Norwich University

Social Worker Certificate for the State of MS

Doctor of Ministry Degree, The Graduate Theological Foundation , Indiana, Spiritual Ministry/Spiritual Direction

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